Founded June 26th, 1998.

Information Technology Support Group, based on the Isle of Man, specialising in the provision of bespoke support solutions for private clients.

Lead by Ruari and Neill Buchanan, brothers born into a world of Information Technology, we bring together clients and engineers to deliver stable support solutions in a highly tuned bespoke way, ensuring the best fit between the two.

We’ve never advertised, and never cold-called. All our business has come from word-of-mouth recommendations.

We’ve always said that if you know of us, you probably know how to contact us, and because a current client is almost certainly recommeding you to us, and vice-versa, we’ll almost certainly work with you.

Here is a brief history. It barely touches on our experience across industries, our experiences in the Middle East or across the pond in the USA, but it should give you an insight into our general scope of work and abilities. 

1999 -
The early days of the internet, we worked with companies: New York Times, Future Publishing, Shiny Entertainment, Revolution Software and more...
1999 - 2007
Founded one of the first video game industry reporting websites. Along with GAMESPOT and Happy Dog we pushed to break down walls between the studios/creators and the players.

2003 - current
Sony at Culver City were involved with LucasFilm, specifically George Lucas, in the creation of the Sony CineAlta HDW-F900 camera.

There was no technology fast enough to write the  high-definition images capable of being captured by the then state-of-the-art camera sensors.

Digital video cameras were now tethered again, unable to move far from it’s cabled child where it recorded it’s data.

We worked to design a potential capture system (a bin containing lots and lots of very fast memory arrays that would ‘dump’ data as it came in from the camera head to hard drives in array.

From there we moved onto a digital delivery system intended for cinemas. STAR Cinema was was designed to deliver encrypted films into cinemas via satellite feed and/or delivered hard drives, direct from the studios. The film was ‘tagged’ with the cinemas specific details (location, restrictions, etc) and would log a set of data (e.g. times played).
1998 - current
Our mainstay of work across the last 20 years. 

From providing small firms with IT support to servicing large Fortune 500 clients with complete multi-site coverage, including remote satellite offices around the world, we’ve seen and done almost everything at some point. 

We specialise in providing 24/7 cover to very specific private clients, who frequently come to us with very challenging issues or problems that tend to fall outside the general expectations and setup of a typical IT Solutions company.

Specifically we are well versed and experienced working in the Property Management, Finance and Heath Care (Dental, Private Care) industries.

Whether administrating IT services across 250 staff in very demanding industry or helping clients such as Boeing or Rolls Royce rescue damaged data, it’s never quiet here.

It’s been a privilege to work in the UK inside the NHS and with specific police forces around the country. Some of this work is often the most demanding and it’s not something we shy from. Digital forensics and data recovery is very challenging and requires more than just knowledge, but a certain set of skills and abilities to deal with very sensitive material.
2016 - current
Despite always having an interest in film and broadcast work, we rarely get the chance to deep-dive into a project that will be public-facing.

Most recently we worked on providing a world-first: facilitating and broadcasting the first ever LIVESTREAM of a motorsport race using a 4G LTE Network.

Multiple cameras across multiple sites, across the famous Isle of Man TT circuit (37.73 mile / 60.72 km), here at home on the Isle of Man.

We worked with the Manx Motorcycle Club to deliver every race LIVE to their Facebook page, complete with full video mixing and repeatedly alternating camera positions. The programmes reached over 1.5 Million viewers during the week of racing.

We’re proud to say we’ll be back on the circuit in 2018 with even better coverage!  More cameras! More action! Another world-first or two!  We have a very ambitious set of plans for the mixing of the latest camera and broadcast technology with the race event meeting across the two weeks it runs.

This platform gives us the chance to perform a mix of very technical camera work, networking, and bespoke software / app creation - striking each part of LITTLE CITYs expertise in the most challenging way. 
2016 - current
As UAVs became more powerful and capable, we begun to take an interest in what could be done to help service some of our current clients with specific tasks. Typically inspection work can take time to schedule and expensive to complete (in man hours, in site access issues etc). 

The drones we use come with very select abilities, far beyond what a pro(consumer) drone would be capable of. But then our clients requirements are specific and we specialise in providing bespoke solutions in this field, just as we do in our IT support. You can’t buy our drones in store or from a retailer. They are industry-leading platforms designed to deliver the absolute best in engineering and servicing ability.


We continue to work across multiple fields, advising and helping where-ever possible.

IT Support is still our mainstay of operations, whether it be consultancy or delivering the actual service platform ongoing. We are immensely proud to have had some of our clients now for over 15 years! We must be doing something right.

As our work becomes more and more ‘public’ facing we step somewhat out of the shadows and into the light. It’s exciting times.

Let’s hope we are shined brightly upon...