The History of Us

June 26th, 1998.
A long time ago...

Little City was formed on June 26th 1998 by brothers Buchanan, Ruari and Neill.

For nearly 20 years it has been based on the
Isle of Man.

Vladimir Mayakovsky by Alexander Rodchenko


The beginings of what we all bare witness to now...
We became heavily involved in the film industry, specifically DIGITAL CINEMA, both in the capturing and distribution playback. These were the first steps of the industry...

Sony at Culver City were involved with LucasFilm in the creation of the Sony CineAlta F900 camera series. 

There was no technology fast enough to write the  high-definition images capable of being captured by the then state-of-the-art camera sensors. 

Digital video cameras were now tethered again, unable to move far from it’s cabled child where it recorded it’s data.

We worked to design a potential capture system (a bin containing lots and lots of very fast memory arrays that would ‘dump’ data as it came in from the camera head to hard drives in array.